samedi 1 août 2020

Décès de Norman Bishop

 Dear friends and former colleagues of Norman Bishop,

We are sorry to let you know the sad news that our father, Norman Bishop, died on 30 July 2020. He was 99 years old and has been in remarkably good health until recently.

However, Norman had been struggling for several months with breathlessness, some disorientation and various other things which were really a sign that his body was wearing out. We also suspect that not being able to have any visitors since mid March because of COVID-19 affected him a great deal. 

His doctor was in touch a few weeks ago to say that we should visit if we wanted to see him. Jennie and Julia arrived in Sweden late in the evening on 30 July but he had slipped away very quickly and peacefully that morning.

We know that Norman valued your friendshp a great deal and we would like to thank you for keeping in touch with him over the years.

We are planning an event in Sweden to celebrate his life and will let you know more about this in due course.

With kind regards,

Norman's children: Liz, Jennie, Jon, Julia and Hilary

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